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Conceptual and procedural schemas and community standards are established to provide a common understanding of the meaning or semantics of data and data pipelines. They are built on sets of vocabulary/ ontology terms which can be used to describe resources for the purposes of discovery. Schema(s)and standard(s) enable data exchange between data storage structures. Schema(s) might rely on standard vocabularies. In the MOD-CO context meta-omics-related vocabularies are evaluated.

MOD-CO is developing a conceptual and procedural meta-omics schema published in various kind of schema representations. With that, MOD-CO is providing specifications useful for later software implementation and facilitates international standardisation processes.

Access to MOD-CO schema representations:

  • Versioned MOD-CO namespace scheme publication (static, snapshot)
  • LOD-compliant MOD-CO namespace scheme publication

The editing will be necessarily done in DiversityDescriptions. With this restriction we could use the history function of each wiki page to generate a history of editorial changes and have a documentation of the "issue date" and “modified date” for each single concept page.

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