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Consortia for standards recommendations

Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) with GBWG working group

Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG)

Concepts, schemes and exchange standards, metastandards (* mapped with MOD-CO schema)

MIxS Scheme with Terms in TDWG Wiki with five vocabularies included, e. g. MIxS Environment Vocabulary * (primary representation; LOD compliant)

GSC MIxS: The GSC family of minimum information standards (checklists) – Minimum Information about any (x) Sequence; MIxS currently consists of three separate checklists; MIGS for genomes, MIMS for metagenomes, and MIMARKS for marker genes. The three checklists that are currently under MIxS share the same central set of core descriptors, but have checklist specific descriptors as well. Additionally, they enable a detailed description of environment through the use of 15 optional environmental packages.

see also MIxS – Minimum information about any (x) sequence ENA Checklist

ABCD 2 Data Standard, ratified version * and ABCD 2 Data Standard (LOD-compliant representation)

ABCD 3 with ABCD 3.0 xml schema documentation

GGBN Data Standard v. 1 and GGBN Data Standard * (LOD-compliant representation); with e. g. relation to DwC; see also Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) Portal and GGBN Wiki

Darwin Core with Darwin Core Terms: A quick reference guide * (primary representation) and Darwin Core (experimental LOD-compliant representation, attention, might not be actual)

SDD Standard Description Download and SDD Schema files SDD1.1rev5

TDWG Terms Wiki: Help with definitions of scheme, standard and term and 29 concept schemes included

GBIF Resources: This site contains technical GBIF resources like XML schemas, Darwin Core Archive/IPT extensions and vocabularies and is primarily intended for machine reading; see xml schema EML 2.1.1, GGBN extension of DwC etc.

GFBio Overview on "Concepts and Standards": Data exchange standards, protocols and formats relevant for the collection data domain

Knowledge Organisation Systems, Ontology Vocabularies

SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization System

Biological Collections Ontology (BCO) based on Basic Formal Ontology and DwC terms

SPREC schema with draft International Standard, ISO/DIS 20387 for biobanking

DWB namespaces and ER diagrams

DiversityCollection information models *

DiversityDescriptions information models

Databases for implementation of MOD-CO ontologies/ vocabularies and schemas

SILVA with



Links of Interest

Ontology Metadata Vocabulary - OMV, Description

LIMS Laboratory information management system, see list of software, e.g. LabCollector

ELN Electronic laboratory notebook, in R&D labs, see list of software, e.g. LabCollector

ELN versus LIMS "Ein LIMS ist darauf ausgelegt, Daten hoch strukturiert abzulegen, ein ELN (electronic laboratory notebook) ist darauf ausgelegt, Daten unstrukturiert abzulegen." Protokolle in ELN, ELN in F&E Laboren...

BIOAWARE company: Life Sciences Data Management Software

ISO 25964 – the international standard for thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

Clarke & Lei Zeng (2012): Standard Spotlight: From ISO 2788 to ISO 25964: the evolution of thesaurus standards towards interoperability and data modeling

GFBio terminology service

Biowikifarm Software Documentation and Vocabulary registry with data collections with own namespaces

zu "Online Registries: The DNS and Beyond... Handle DOI" Dyson 2003

Berners-Lee, T. (2006/2009): Linked Data. - A curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies, e.g., : distinguish between Terminology Artifact; Model/Format and Reporting Guideline; 1118 standards, 262 of these models/formats, 160 of these life science, 11 biodiversity, 18 sequence

Free XML Copy Editor

Free XSD Generator

XML Database Engine

The Unicode Standard and Unicode Symbols

Sensordaten in der Cloud mit io-Key





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