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Scheme: MOD-CO Pencil.png
Collections: modco:Unit property domains.Digital Pencil.png, modco:Operational tools.Software Pencil.png, modco:Schema hierarchy.Level 4 - Object - specific Pencil.png
unit digital document code, executable file <category>
The import namespace "modco" is unknown. Please ensure that OWL import details are available via MediaWiki:Smw import modco
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The preferred namespace prefix “modco” is defined on:
  1. MOD-CO (modco)
Each preferred namespace prefix on this platform must be unique. Please edit the pages above, changing all but one namespace prefix. In general, you should keep the namespace on the most prominent or largest vocabulary unchanged.

If a prefix is already defined on a concept scheme, do not repeat that definition in a collection.

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unit digital document code, executable file <category>: Type of file under consideration, if it is in executable file format

Constraints in the context of MOD-CO:

Display order: 607
Mandatory: -
Data type: enumerated
Values: APP, CLASS, COM, EXE, JAR, other value
Multiple values: OrSet