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Scheme: MOD-CO Pencil.png
Collections: modco:Unit property domains.Physical Pencil.png, modco:Environmental object traits Pencil.png, modco:Environmental object types.(Host) organism Pencil.png, modco:Schema hierarchy.Level 4 - Object - specific Pencil.png
unit physical (host) organism epithelial tissue <category>
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unit physical (host) organism epithelial tissue <category>: Type of the epithelial tissue (of animals, Metazoa) where the physical object was obtained from

Constraints in the context of MOD-CO:

Display order: 628
Mandatory: -
Data type: enumerated
Values: ciliated simple columnar, nonciliated simple columnar, pseudostratified columnar, simple cuboidal, simple squamous, stratified columnar, stratified cuboidal, stratified squamous, transitional, other value
Multiple values: OrSet
Resource links: ABCD 2.06 - element Tissue , MIxS - host body site, GGBN - materialSampleType, DWB-DC: CollectionSpecimenPart - MaterialCategory